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Sow the seeds


The best seeds to plant in life are those of

compassion, kindness, and love.


With every deed you are sowing a seed.



Plant seeds of love,

water them with positive thoughts,

forgiveness and courage

and feel your soul bloom.


Always do your  best.

What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Og Mandino


“It is vital that

when educating our children’s brains

that we do not neglect

to educate their hearts.”

Dalai Lama


Pictures from Google and Oups.

The wonderful wide world


On the side of my blog you can see that

192 countries have visited my blog.

Isn’t that amazing, so many people in so many different countries.


There are  countries like the Maldives, Haiti, Cape Verde…

Palau, Bhutan and Benin.

I am so thankful that my blog reaches such far away countries.

Everybody out there who has tuned into my blog and read anything ,

Thank you so much.


I would have never thought it reaches such places.

The world is so open with the internet, it is fantastic.

We are closer than ever before.

Use it to spread love, happiness and kindness!

Have a wonderful day

and thank you for being here!







What do you do to feel good today?


What do you do to feel good today?

feel good2

Will you do something kind today?

Will you make someone happy?

Laugh a lot today?

Admire something today?

Enjoy what you are doing?

feel good

May be I can help to make you feel good.

I wish you better if you are not so well.

I am sending a big hug and please take a smile from me!

feel good1

10 Quick tricks to feel good:

Have a good laugh (I love to laugh)

Stretch (Always makes one feel good)

Listen to your favourite music ( just listened to the Unfinished from Schubert-beautiful)

Notice what’s right ( yes, life is good)

Go outdoors (even in rain it feels fresh and good)

Cook a tasty meal (not my forte 🙂 )

Take some deep breaths (do need that often)

Read an inspiring book (i.e. The Dalai Lama’s cat from David Michie)

Think of your latest success (small success will do – I did my dance without mistake- yay))

Dance in the kitchen ( that’s what I do often…)


Hope you feel good!

Have an amazing “feel good day”!

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Kindness is everywhere


Kindness first:

My son got some sought after tickets to visit a disused Underground station in London. It has history and so the Transport museum opens it up once in a while. Luckily my son got hold of tickets which usually are sold out really fast. We went there the other Sunday. Waiting in the queue the tickets where checked and the man in front of me had 2 but his friend couldn’t make it. In our party were friends of my son and one had no ticket and intended to wait for us until we came out again. So I suggested we could ask this man with the spare ticket if he would sell his to our young man. I asked and the very kind man gave his ticket to our young friend for free. He said ‘of course you can have it for free’. How very kind of this man. Our young man was over the moon to get such a rare ticket and be part of the tour.

Aldwych, the secret station.

The station was built 1905 and was finished in 1907.  It was built to get people easier to Theater land, the irony is though they had to demolish Strand Theatre to build the station. The station then was closed in 1940 to be used as a shelter for the public during air raids. It could accommodate 1500 people. It opened again in 1946 to be permanently closed in 1994, because only 450 people were using it daily.

After 1994 the station has been used to create full scale Mock stations, where London Transport tried out different tiles and looks for other stations for refurbishment.

Now the station is being used for filming work and many films scenes have been filmed there. 007, Superman, The Deep Blue Sea, The Imitation Game. It is also used as Training facility for the Underground’s Emergency Response Unit.

Opening the station platforms for regular tours is not possible because of safety concerns with no lift access to the lower levels ( yes we walked 160 stairs down and up again), so our visit was a rare treat.

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It was a very enjoyable tour and recommendable when they offer it again some time!


Make it a sweet day!


The new year has started and I hope you all take it easy and relax instead being too busy !

Here is my advice….

sweet day

Make each day a sweet day!

Celebrate each new day.

Start each day with a positive thought,

Think of 3 things you like to accomplish each day.

Take some time of the day just for yourself.

See the magic in each day and enjoy it!

Look out for something beautiful!

Think of 3 things you are grateful for at the end of the day!

Go to sleep content!

sweet day2

.sweet day1



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Add confetti to each day !






Happy 2015



To all my amazing blogger friends, wishing you all a love filled, kind and awesome new year!

May it bring peace, happiness, health,contentment and many miracles!

Thank you for being here, for popping in, for reading, for commenting.

You mean so much to me!


Thank you from my heart for being wonderful you!

thanks 1

…and I love to continue to share the love and smiles with you!

May the new year will be filled with













and sleep ….

oh and never forget the hugs….


World Kindness Day 13th November




 Today is World Kindness Day

Everyday is Kindness Day

It can change people’s lives

it can change how your day goes.

Kindness goes a long way.

You , my friends make my world beautiful,

and I give you a big hug and an enormous thank you!






Show some kindness today

It doesn’t need to cost anything.

Smile at someone,

hold the door for someone,

compliment someone,

give love,

let it come from your heart

and make it an amazingly kind day!




I can see so much love and compassion in this world.

I am overwhelmed with it!

I need to share such wonders with you!

As you know my dad passed away in February and my mum is alone since then. She is in a Christian home and well looked after. She is making new friends now. In my school where I work I am well respected and loved. As it is my mum’s birthday soon, and my colleagues know it, one teacher asked the children to make some birthday cards to brighten my mum’s day!

What a wonderful thing to do! ( He had before done it before with Christmas cards made by the children to give to my dad when he was in hospital and not well).

Here are some examples.

The children put so much effort and love into it, it is so encouraging to see that 10 year olds learn about compassison and love.






and some hand made flowers!


Aren’t they wonderful?  I will post this soon to arrive on time for my mum’s birthday , I am sure they will brighten up her day!

I am still speechless about this act of kindness!



Thank you all for being here, you wonderful people!

Much love from Ute

Big heart smiley photo Smiley-star.gif