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Unroll the Beauty


When I was at Kew Gardens last time

I was fascinated by the fern growing.



The way it unrolls itself, looking like an ammonite first…

each stem …..

kew 3.2 (19)

unrolls ……

kew 3.2 (22)

then each little side branch unrolls separately

with more leaves unrolling.

kew 3.2 (20)


Everything unrolls slowly to perfection,

all in good time.

Nature is fascinating.


kew 3.2 (24)


Adopt the pace of nature.

Her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


all pictures taken by me at Kew Gardens.

Our Chicks


Our fluffy chicks are growing so fast.

Here they hatched



… getting fluffy ……chick1




developing feathery wings…chick4


and now they are going to the local farm to be happy chickens.chick3


Saying Good Bye!

We had so much fun with the chicks, I couldn’t resist some more pictures here!