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Weekly Inspiration No 29 – Appreciate



is one of my favourite words:

It sound wonderful and has a lovely meaning:

appreciate  verb

recognize the full worth of.
  1. she feels that he does not appreciate her”
    synonyms: value, respect, prize, cherish, treasure, admire, hold in high regard, hold in esteem, rate highly, think highly of, think much of, have a high opinion of.

    used when you are thanking someone or showing that you are grateful:


Go for it

and appreciate everything,

it makes you feel good and grateful!


 Much love

from me!

❤ ❤ ❤


What do you do to feel good today?


What do you do to feel good today?

feel good2

Will you do something kind today?

Will you make someone happy?

Laugh a lot today?

Admire something today?

Enjoy what you are doing?

feel good

May be I can help to make you feel good.

I wish you better if you are not so well.

I am sending a big hug and please take a smile from me!

feel good1

10 Quick tricks to feel good:

Have a good laugh (I love to laugh)

Stretch (Always makes one feel good)

Listen to your favourite music ( just listened to the Unfinished from Schubert-beautiful)

Notice what’s right ( yes, life is good)

Go outdoors (even in rain it feels fresh and good)

Cook a tasty meal (not my forte 🙂 )

Take some deep breaths (do need that often)

Read an inspiring book (i.e. The Dalai Lama’s cat from David Michie)

Think of your latest success (small success will do – I did my dance without mistake- yay))

Dance in the kitchen ( that’s what I do often…)


Hope you feel good!

Have an amazing “feel good day”!

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Compliments are a verbal expression of praise or approval. We give them freely to make the other person happy, to genuinely express our feelings or to show our appreciation for the person’s character, behaviour or clothes. Compliments are when we say something nice to another person and mean it. We can show our respect for the other person through a compliment. We are sometimes too quick to criticize and too slow to compliment.


We can say: “ this dress suits you very well” or “ you handled this situation brilliantly” or “I admire you, for what you did” or “ you have a beautiful smile” etc.

Compliments make us feel good and we all like to hear them….or not?

I have noticed that sometimes when you say something nice to someone, it is brushed off and put down with a “ oh I don’t think so”. I complimented someone on a nice dress and the answer was “it hung in my wardrobe for years, it’s just an old thing.”

We need to take a compliment at face value

Accept it

be happy,

be grateful,

enjoy it

believe it .

Genuine compliments encourage us, make us feel great, give us confidence and strengthen us. We need to learn to believe in ourselves, love ourselves, and have a good relationship with ourselves to accept compliments.

In the past I personally never believed when someone said to me “you look good in this” – low self esteem, low confidence was the problem. I have grown in confidence, and love myself and I can honestly say I love to hear compliments now and believe the other person would not say it if he/she does not mean it.

So thank you very much!


“You are amazing, loved and valued” – everyone has something amazing in them!

Have a fantastic day !