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Amazing Food


Since a couple of weeks ago  I am ordering fruit and vegetables from a local farmer, and do not buy it from the supermarket anymore. Organic fruit and veg are the healthiest.  The Farmer makes up a box with fruit and veg and he delivers it to my door on a Wednesday morning.

I can look on the internet what the contents of the week’s box is. I find it far more interesting if I don’t look and I have a great surprise every Wednesday. Like this I get vegetable I have never seen before and I would not buy when shopping as I am not that adventurous. But when I have it in the house it will be eaten.

Last week was this in it………it is a work of art from nature.

On the invoice it says Romanesque cauliflower. I had to take a picture as I find this veg amazing. Doesn’t it look beautiful, almost too nice to cut and cook.

It is not only flowers, animals or sceneries which are beautiful in this world, but also simple vegetables, who would have thought.

I give him the empty box back ……. let’s see what interesting fruit or veg  is in the next one……

I did eventually eat this work of art, and it tasted like cauliflower but a bit more delicate. It was very enjoyable.

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Amazing Shopping Experience


I was never very keen on grocery shopping; it has to be done so I do it but not really enjoying it.



Then I stumbled across a chapter in the book called “Life is huge” from Susan Jeffers and it changed my supermarket shopping experience totally. I actually enjoy it now, I am happy to do it and I am grateful that I can do it.


This concept made me feel different walking around in the aisles, looking at the staff differently and I was constantly being grateful and smiling.  I loved my shopping trip. It is amazing how your thoughts can make something simple into a whole new amazing experience. (the first 5 points were already enough for me)



Her concept is called “Looking deeply.”


  • As you walk through the door, stop for a moment and survey the rich array of goodies from which you can choose. There are few countries in the world that have such abundance.
  • Then, as you fill your basket with a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, salad ingredients, and a whole basket full of  other goodies, look more deeply and notice the huge variety you have to choose from – so many kinds of bread, so many kinds of greens, so many kinds of cereals, so many kinds of desserts. The richness of it all is staggering.
  • Focus on the abundance in your basket, look a little more deeply and focus on the money you have to pay for your purchases. Even if you can’t buy everything you want, you can buy enough to sustain you.
  • Next, look even more deeply as you focus on the farmers who grew the greens that gave you your salad ingredients and raised the chickens that gave you the eggs and grew the grains that gave you the bread and cereal. Focus on the bakers who baked the bread. Focus on the drivers of the trucks, captains of the ships, and pilots of the planes that transported all these riches and made them so available for you.
  • Then look even more deeply as you focus on the staff who are there to serve you; some of them have been up since very early in the morning to set up the displays in a way to please you. Focus on the people who took a risk and invested their money to create a market to provide you with such sumptuous fare. Focus on the people who built the building that is home to the market.
  • Then look even more deeply and focus on those who created the roads that allowed you to drive your car to this place of wonder….and those who manufactured the car that gives you so much mobility.
  • Then look as deeply as you possibly can and focus on the ultimate Source of it all…God, the Force, the Universal Light …. whatever it is for you, that created the air, sun, the water, the earth, that makes all growth possible. One can’t deny the miraculous rhythm and flow of it all.

Give it a try and you will enjoy shopping a lot more. Appreciate everything more and be grateful of all the choices you have and that you can go shopping.

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