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Gifts that money can’t buy


Soon Christmas is coming and we are all looking for gifts.

Here is a little inexpensive list with priceless gifts!


1. THE GIFT OF LISTENING…No interrupting, no daydreaming, No planning your response, no advising. Just listening.

2. THE GIFT OF AFFECTION…Be generous with appropriate hugs,
Kisses, pats on the back, and handholds, Let these small actions demonstrate the LOVE you have for family and friends.

3. THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER…Share jokes. Share articles and funny stories. Your gift will say, “I love to laugh with you.

4. THE GIFT OF A WRITTEN NOTE…It can be a simple “Thanks for the help” note or A brief, handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime, and may even change a life.

5. THE GIFT OF A COMPLIMENT…A simple and sincere, “You look great in red,””You did a super job, “Or “That was a wonderful meal”
Can make some one’s day.

6. THE GIFT OF A FAVOUR…Every day, go out of your way to make someone’s day. Appreciate, encourage, do something nice and kind.

7. THE GIFT OF SOLITUDE…There are times when we want nothing better than to be left alone. If you love someone, set them free. Be sensitive, respect and give space. The gift of solitude to others.

8. THE GIFT OF A CHEERFUL DISPOSITION…The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind word to someone. Really, it’s not that hard to say, Hello or Thank You.

You can give as many gifts as you like and they make the giver happy too!

For it is in giving that we receive.

St.Francis of Assissi

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Compliments are a verbal expression of praise or approval. We give them freely to make the other person happy, to genuinely express our feelings or to show our appreciation for the person’s character, behaviour or clothes. Compliments are when we say something nice to another person and mean it. We can show our respect for the other person through a compliment. We are sometimes too quick to criticize and too slow to compliment.


We can say: “ this dress suits you very well” or “ you handled this situation brilliantly” or “I admire you, for what you did” or “ you have a beautiful smile” etc.

Compliments make us feel good and we all like to hear them….or not?

I have noticed that sometimes when you say something nice to someone, it is brushed off and put down with a “ oh I don’t think so”. I complimented someone on a nice dress and the answer was “it hung in my wardrobe for years, it’s just an old thing.”

We need to take a compliment at face value

Accept it

be happy,

be grateful,

enjoy it

believe it .

Genuine compliments encourage us, make us feel great, give us confidence and strengthen us. We need to learn to believe in ourselves, love ourselves, and have a good relationship with ourselves to accept compliments.

In the past I personally never believed when someone said to me “you look good in this” – low self esteem, low confidence was the problem. I have grown in confidence, and love myself and I can honestly say I love to hear compliments now and believe the other person would not say it if he/she does not mean it.

So thank you very much!


“You are amazing, loved and valued” – everyone has something amazing in them!

Have a fantastic day !