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Happy 2nd Advent


Finally I managed to get my Christmas tree up…. here it is:

can you see you carefully I draped the cat around the bottom of the tree….

Xmas tree

While decorating the tree I listened to a beautiful song –

Where peaceful waters flow – Chris de Burgh

Where he sings appropriately :

“Only love can find the door …

Only love can reach the shore to heaven”

Love and peace to you all!



The Orples Get Stuck


Thomas is having fun with 2 new friends, Oskar and Olivia. Let’s hope Oskar gets out and doesn’t forget the belly scratch…..


The orples stopped by to say hello to Ute in her blog Ute Smile. Ute has such a ‘happy’ blog, and if you’ve not been there you might to stop by and say hello.  Pay no attention to her lazy cat, unless you think you can help Oscar find reprieve. I am hoping Olivia will  have already gotten Oscar out of his jam by the time the rest of us get there.

It appears Ute's smart cat is only pretending to be asleep, hoping for a belly scratch. It appears Ute’s smart cat is only pretending to be asleep, hoping for a belly scratch.

While Olivia tries to wake the kitty up, lets head on out and see what the rest of our neighbors are up to as we visit the neighborhood. 🙂

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Happy Birthday and Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge week 60


Happy Birthday Thomas!

My cat was born on Halloween,  I don’t celebrate Halloween but we do celebrate Thomas’s birthday!


Happy 6th Birthday Thomas!

b cat8

b cat

He was a very cute kitty!

b cat2

b cat5

b cat4

Always loved a stretch!

b cat3

As a family cat, he joins in with everything

b cat6

Even listens to a teenager’s music….wow…

b cat7



I shall also enter these into Michelle’s weekly pet challenge this week!


Spring feelings


Let’s get a little Spring into this world!

I had a coffee afternoon with my wonderful friend

and she brought this along….

yes, she brought the Spring into my house YAY


I love it and I am very thankful.

So I like to share my Spring with you specially as my American friends need a bit of warmth!

focus on daffs

focus on daffs

Here some pictures to warm you up with my lazy cat 🙂

Focus on cat

Focus on cat

and yes it is sunny today too!

Isn’t life beautiful!

oh and one more thing….. it is almost



Have a great one!

 ♥♥♥ Love and Hugs ♥♥♥


Michelle’s Pet Challenge: Week 6


Ususally I am not into challenges, still I found my cat in front of the computer… blogging no doubt, so I thought it perfect for this challenge.


My cat is called Thomas ( like in Tom and Jerry)

This is him a bit shy!

He does love belly rubs and curling up on my lap!


This is him with his toy mouse


Checking up on blogs here.

cat on computer

This is my contribution to Michelle’s pet challenge this week!

I hope I have done it right.

Hope you enjoy my cat as much as I do!


“Time spent with cats is never wasted”

Sigmund Freud

A lazy day!



My photo for the day for your enjoyment.

As I have a nasty cold and cough,

I thought it is time to relax.

adoing nothing

Not doing much just like my cat does all day.

a thomas

We sometimes forget to slow down,

We don’t always have to rush around.

Take time and enjoy the slower pace today!


Wishing you a relaxing day today ,


be kind,

spread some joy,

and do something quietly awesome!

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