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Holiday time


In August I went on holiday to different places for short periods.

( Mallorca- Spain and Germany)

In Mallorca the palm trees were my favourite, ( see here)

In Germany the lakes for swimming were super.


This is the dress I bought in Mallorca.

With Spanish temperatures in Bavaria I could wear it again.


Here is the proof….. I went into this lake too….


yes, I did go deeper and swam, it was so refreshing.

What a view of the blue sky …… under the shade of a tree.



The flowers with all the different vibrant colours always bring a spectacular show.

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I also have learnt how to make the best latte or cappuccino, with frothy milk.



Goes really well with a slice of Black Forest Gateau.sst


Life is good!

Enjoy every moment!

I do!

love life

Join me in a cup of coffee


Len from myownheart.me has asked that I join her for a cup of coffee…..


1) How many cups of coffee per day?  I drink one cup of Cappuccino at 12.30pm , that’s tradition. Otherwise I drink tea.

2) What is your favourite caffeine delivery system? Chocolate really, love any chocolate, just no nuts in them….

3) What was your best cup of coffee? My daily cappuccino! Selfmade with love!

4) What was your worst cup of coffee? Is when I forget the sweetener.

5) What does your favourite mug say? it says: This mug belongs to a special 50 year old. (that was a year ago though) and it has a teddy on it!

6) How do you take your coffee? With milk, like Latte,

7) When was your first cup? At home as a teenager, started to drink black coffee and cake on a sunday afternoon with my family. hmmmmm

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee tea date? Yes and it was the best!

I shall invite following lovely bloggers to join me for a nice cup!

Howard Peacock



Terry Shepard

Russ Towne



Enjoy your cup of coffee with me and here a extra surprise, share a cookie!