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A Quick Break


….. a break with no internet …

That is what is on the agenda, after having worked rather hard lately.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to look at all posts, I will try on my phone though. 

I will be back in the cyber world soon  🙂

with a report of how much nothing I have done.



In the meantime I am hugging you all!

I am out …..


Hope every one is well and enjoying February!

I am so busy working and improving my home…. I have to apologize for not reading all your posts, as I would have liked to.  Also not many or bigger posts here.


I am still around and do my best!




I am doing my bathroom with help, and it looks more work than originally thought…

so off I am – taking off more old tiles……

Love you all.beautiful

Sending you big hugs,

sorry if I am a bit dusty…. 🙂

Keep smiling and stay happy and thankful!