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More Awards


More awards have come up and I like to thank lovely Heila for this sweet award.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award.

20th November 2012, 22nd December 2012, 3rd August 2013

20th November 2012, 22nd December 2012, 3rd August 2013

More awards were coming in, so I am a bit naughty and list them here and will not quite follow the correct rules.

From the bunch of awards from wonderful Tazein again, and also a bunch from inspiring Ajaytao

I love to accept the ABC Award , a new one for me!

4th and 13th August 2013

4th and 13th August 2013

From always wonderful Tazein and my beautiful friend Terry also the Best Moment Award:

1st,10th, 28th March and 12th May 2013, 6th and 18th August 2013

1st,10th, 28th March and 12th May 2013, 6th and 18th August 2013

And another award from sweet Nora, from her blog Just nora, the Very Iinspiring Blog Award!

25th November,15th, 31st December 2012,18th, 21st January, 14th February, 21st March, 4th August 2013

25th November,15th, 31st December 2012,18th, 21st January, 14th February, 21st March, 4th August 2013

Thank you so much Heila, Tazein, Ajaytao, Nora and Terry for giving me these awards. I am very grateful really appreciate it and accept them very happily.

I shall nominate some fairly new to me bloggers and hope to make them happy. You can choose any of the above awards or more, if you do awards, and accept them. Enjoy, you all deserve them! 



The beauty along the road

Oh the things we shall see

Light Friday

You are wonderful friends and I send a big thank you to you! … and a hug!

thank you

Thanx photo smiley-signs001.gif

Another wonderful moment


I’m so honored that I got nominated by Ruby from the “Inner feather’s Blog” the Best Moment Award for my post “be positive“. It’s the second time I receive this award and I am happily accepting it and hope my blog will continue to inspire readers, make them think, smile and happy. I appreciate every blogger who reads and comments on my blog. You are all wonderful!

As for Ruby’s blog , it is unique, so inspirational with wonderfully helpful hints and tips. I do not miss any of her posts.

1st and 10th March 2013

1st and 10th March 2013

The “Best Moment Award” actually goes to people who

Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain. Louis Tomlinson

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese Proverb

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Charles Dederich

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha


I nominate:

Stuff I tell my sister for And I know who holds my hand

The pledge of kindness for all of her postos.


Also I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Alastair on 11th March. Thank you so much Alastair


As usual there are rules:

1. You are not allowed to nominate the person who nominated you. 

2. Stick a pic of the award.

3. Write 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.
1.When did you last eat out in a restaurant?
2. Have you ever seen a ballett?
3. Do you prefer proper shopping or internet shopping and why?
4. Do you type with 10 fingers?
5. What is your favourite pasttime?
6. Have you ever been to a live concert? Which one?
7. Do you still write proper letters?
8. What is your weakness?
9. What is your strength?
10. Do you like playing board games.
11. Which is your favourite card game?

4. Post 11 random facts about you

1. I prefer baths to showers
2. I have met Alice Cooper with all his snakes once in a hotel.
3. I used to swim in competitions, but never came first, always second and third.
4. My favourite doll was called Beatrix.
5. I used to love walking in the Black Forest / Germany in summer.
6. I love visiting castles.
7. I  love flowers.
8. My favourite composer is Beethoven, closely followed by Mozart.
9. I am going to join a gym soon.
10. My favourite English dish is a Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding!
11. I used to do rollerskating in the playground at secondary school, in the breaks. That was fun!

5. Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.

1.What was the last film you saw at the cinema? “Wreck it Ralph”
2. Have you ever been to see an opera? Yes Mozart, but I am not so much a fan of opera, but I love classical music
3. What country do you live in? Great Britain
4. What 11 x 5? 55
5. What is your favourite Ice cream flavour? Apricot
6. What is your favourite flower? Freesia
7. Do you have any pets? Got a cat and a lizard, a bearded dragon.
8. What colour is your carpet? Mainly blue through the flat, but beige in the bedroom.
9. Do you prefer snow or sun? Decinitley sun, but sun and snow together is nice too!
10. What is the favourite holiday location you have been to? I always loved Austira, the lake in Kaernten, called “Woerthersee” – beautiful corner.
11. Who is your favourite artist living or dead? I don’t really have one, I like loads.

6. Nominate 11 other bloggers, sorry only 5

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