My latest project – recycling at home


Finding many old beautiful books

which nobody wanted

I searched everywhere what to do with them.

I found an idea on Pinterest, so I tried it.

I made 2 bedside tables out of the most beautiful books.

Finished with 2 beautiful Piano music sheet books

from my Grandad as table tops.

I’m happy to have still the old books,

we all read long ago

in my present house.

Have you recycled or upcycled something lately? Let me know…

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  1. I have stacks of books like that on my bedside table too. Getting through reading them before the cats knock them all over ! 😉

  2. Fabulous idea Ute! What a fun project! The books you chose are really beautiful. I’ve bought some secondhand jewellery to take the beads apart and make new necklaces and bracelets. My friend Maggie is an expert at transforming old beads and stones and creating new jewellery. Her work is amazing and we plan to sell some next summer at the Kincardine Sunday Market in the Park.


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