Picture of the Week #41


Going through drawers, I found toys my sister and me played with.

We loved playing with our wooden Domino, wooden farm,

Monkey box, and our wooden trolleys and top trump game (ships)

Schnipp Schnapp is a fun card game

I used to play with my own children often too.

I remember our childhood with much fondness.

Food for thought

A happy heart is good medicine 
and a cheerful mind works healing, 
but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22 
Be happy!

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  1. We loved our farm toys too ! You and your sisters certainly took good care of them and still got plenty of play out of them !

    • Indeed we did, we were always carefully playing with things, our mum made sure of it.
      However the quality of the toys was brilliant too!
      Thanks for dropping in and commenting!

  2. Happy memories! I still have many toys that my children played with and a few from my childhood. We have quality wooden toys like the farm (made in Germany). Lots of Wiking cars and my brother’s Märklin train set which my oldest son has. My brother and I took good care of our toys as did my children.


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