Picture of the Week #36


I love those yellow plants.

Does anyone know what this plant is called?

Food for thought

Be strong now, 
because things will get better. 
It might be stormy now, 
but it can't rain forever.
Sending you positive and healing vibes
if you are struggling with something!

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  1. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m afraid I don’t know what it is called. I thought it might be Goldenrod (Solidago) but it looks too “feathery”. Another follower will surely give us its correct name!

    • Ashley you are right, a Geman Blogger told me and it is translated Goldenrod. i think there are just different kinds out there. I like them being yellow putting a splash of colour in.
      Thank you Ashley.

  2. Looks like Yarrow. They are very healthy you can use in teas fresh or after drying. They will return every year, a very sturdy plant. Assists with pain especially teeth, women’s monthly menstrual cycle and other painful occasions. All parts are edible, the leaves and flowers

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