Picture of the Week #31


My bought Mombretie is blooming.

I totally love this colour.

It makes me smile every morning 😊❤️

Food for thought

Leftovers in their less visible form 
are called memories.
Stored in the refrigerator of the mind 
and the cupboard of the heart.

♥ Have you made some memories today? ♥

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  1. The colour is gorgeous! Is this the variety called “Lucifer”? It looks similar to the ones we have although here they are just going over; autumn and definitely fresher mornings! Have a great weekend.

    • You are right, fantastic,. 🙂 it is called Lucifer. It is more red than the others. I love it. Autumn will come earlier as it is so warm they say! We do seem to be behind you though.

  2. And memories seldom turn into something that looks like a science project, which can happen in the back of the fridge !

  3. Beautiful flower, Ute, and that is one great quote too. I made a lot of memories lately and today I’ll make some new ones😺 Thank you so much for bringing comfort on the passing of my sweet Little Binky. It feels good that she had so many friends here and that you’re one of them. Thank You, Ute and Thomas🌸 Pawkisses from Heaven to you both🐾😽✨

    • Thank you so much Granny. Your friends will stay with you and I am proud to be one! We do think of Binky often. We know you are all watching us down here!

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