Picture of the Week #27


We are doing our kitchen new, from scratch.

We are still on the destroying part. 🙂 That is fun!

So we found 5 different wallpapers on different walls.

It must have been redecorated many times before.

Food for thought

If you have nothing 
except strong faith and a positive attitude,
you have much more than someone
who has everything
except strong faith and a positive attitude.
You can be happy with nothing,
whereas they can't be happy with anything.

What fun things have you done today?

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    • We only have one wall to do and we will paint that. The other walls willbe full of cupboards etc and in between a splashback.
      Yes, working is good too, sometimes it is even fun 🙂

  1. Hi Ute! Good luck with the decorating! I’m afraid, we’ve done that too many times over the years! What fun! Today I’ve been painting (ink brush) and writing, some minor shopping and some dead-heading this afternoon! 🙋‍♂️

  2. Be careful none of those old wallpapers have “Paris Green” as part of their design…it was very fashionable for some time and contains arsenic !

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