Kew Gardens 24th Smile


Spring is here with more colours than ever.

Kew is just magical.

Tulips are still blooming

Tulips are still blooming

Then there is plenty of more pink and purple.

Fun Fact:

Fossils have revealed that magnolia plants existed at least 20 million years ago. Magnolia officinalis bark is used in traditional Chinese medicine remedies to improve lung health and treat anxiety.

Apple Blossom – so pure white

Trees green, pink, red make a wonderful contrast.

We found plenty of Bluebells

Still in the woodlands we found Camassias- from the asparagus family.

Delicate flowers bending in the wind.

A real splash of vibrant colour gave this Rhododendron bush.

Nature is the best healer, relaxer and

the best happiness generator for me! ♥

“There are always flowers
for those who want to see them.” 

Henri Matisse

All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking me on a walk through the gardens. My favorite is that first tulip with the white, green and pink. So fashionable!

  2. Ah, such wonderful impressions captured in beautiful images, Ute. I can just look at them all again and again.
    The light shining through the tulips in the first picture makes them appear so delicate.

    Actually, I thought the apple blossoms were white-ish blossoms of a japanese cherry tree as they reminded me of some of the trees we have in the park, here. I have never seen apple blossoms that are “filled” with petals. At least not knowingly.

    Thank you, also, for the fn fact about magnolia plants!

    • You would love Kew Gardens Steffi, all the blossoms, trees and just walking for hours to enjoy nature.
      I thought they were apple blossom, I didn’t check. 🙂 However Kew has also so many varieties of trees and plants, anything is possible.

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