Picture of the Week #11


Something completely different for this week.

We found behind a gasfire a fireplace

which looks like the Tunnel of the London Underground

right there in our new front room.

Food for thought

Courage isn't 
having the strength to go on - 
it's the going on 
when you don't have the strength.

Napoleon Bonaparte 

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  1. When I leave my house and go somewhere else, I dread what the new owners will find lurking behind my walls and in the corners of the closets.
    Probably a bunch of dead scorpions. 😦

  2. Wow, how cool is that?
    And great idea to use it as a garden feature (as I read in the other comments).
    I hope you get the glue off the tiles – or otherwise come up with a creative idea to incorporate it in the feature.
    Thank you, also for sharing that beautiful quote. I did not know that Napoleon said such things.

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