Picture of the Week #9


As the weather is appauling and I did not venture out,

my picture of the week

is the pancake for “Pancake Day” as it is known in the UK

also Shrove Tuesday;

Fresh from the pan – it was delicious

Food for thought

All of us could take a lesson 
from the weather;
it pays no attention 
to criticism.

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  1. Mmmmhh, pancakes. 🀀
    I did not have any in ages. We used to have them with jam or cinnamon-sugar durig my childhood. Sometimes also with sliced apple baked into the dough. Njummy!
    Living with an American, our pancaces are now different – smaller and thicker and usually served with maple syrup. Also tasty.
    Now, you could say I shall make my own German pancakes, for a change. But I suck at making them. At the most, I end up with Kaiserschmarrn… πŸ˜‚

    How did you have yours?

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