Picture of the Week #7


A follow up on the Passion Fruit Plant.

It opened just for one day.

I got this picture in the evening –

the next morning it was already closed again.

Food for thought

Time is a healer.
Every day brings 
the light of hope 
and the promise of renewal.

Mae Marie

This is how it unfolded.

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  1. What a beauty!
    Thank you for sharing this fleeting miracle with us, dear Ute.
    The last of the three images of the unfolding looks to me like it is showing an fairy that is praying or embracing something.
    Also, I think I saw another flower bud coming!

    • It won’t, it opens once and that is it. ( My sister says – and it hasn’t opened anymore). There is another bud next to it so I am waiting for that one now. You really need to watch it, the moments are precious when they are open. It is strange though because I remember it being open longer last time, it might be my bad memory though.

      • I love how exciting something as ‘simple’ as a flower opening can be. I only recently started planting flowers in the spring and I get very excited and happy to see blooms.

      • It really is the most simple natural things which can make one get excited. I love to watch seeds coming and blooms developing. It makes me happy, it makes me joyful that there is life and beauty in this world when you look for it. All other things you see daily on TV, so it is important to look for good things around you.
        Enjoy watching your plants ♥

      • Thank you Ute. I love that I do look forward to planting and watching. AND. We now know to look for the random pop ups. Last year we planted giant sunflowers and were stunned at their growth. Then. RANDOMLY in our backyard, a different breed of sunflowers just popped up in the middle of the yard! It was fascinating!

      • That sounds just lovely and exciting. It is great that things like that excite us. I had wild garlic last year and it died and I was so sad. I discovered last week it is coming again Yay! So happy 🙂

  2. Such beauty! And yet, in a fleeting moment it’s gone. Reminds me of Isaiah 40:8 – The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”


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