Dancing through the years ♥


We had practised for an exam before Covid happend.

Luckily we could pick up and restart when the Covid restrictions were lifted this year.

We could practice again and we did the exam.

What a wonderful way to end the year, with another trophy.

This Third Goldbar is for Street dance.

My collection is complete:
Third Goldbar in Tap dance. 
Third Goldbar in Street dance.

This means, I have completed
15 exams and 5 performances in my dancing life. 

I am proud of my achievments.

I love dancing, still from now on – no more exams…. let just the fun continue ♥♥♥.

Let’s dream and dance into the new year!

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  1. Congrats Ute!! you just keep moving even without any more exams (and yikes – I can only imagine the hours that went into all that prep)
    also liked the video with the tapping
    what talent

      • Your brain health is so fortified from all that dancing too! Was just talking to another blogger about that – because coordinated movements help the body and energy stations while they also sharpen the neural pathways and help longevity! And maybe more so when you go the extra to take exams and reach a certain level

      • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am even happier now, reading it. Dancing as swimming is for me one of the best sports as it involves the whole body and coordination. You are so right! ♥

      • A goal of mine (not right away) is to improve my swimming so I can do it more for exercise – I’ve always been a good swimmer but bad habits (bad strokes) are embedded! I took lessons a few years ago to improve and it helped – but I’m not in a hurrry to work on it as yoga meets so many needs (the variety of classes I take options for challenge – basic maintenance or yin recovery – and you see – another example of what I never knew yoga could offer!!)
        But for you to get those trophies and be a swimmer – you just be in really good shape!

      • Yoga is great and I do that too but not consistently I have to say , sadly as it does help with many things. I do love swimming as I used to do competition swimming when I was a teenager, so from then I do have my certificates too. I stopped cometition once I was 18 but my love for swimming is always there. It is just so healthy for the whole body even if it is not fast. My mum used to swim to a very high age and I will do the same.
        Never get stressed out about excercise; it needs to be fun and it really works then. ♥

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