1971 – sorting out in the attic


It was time again to sort a bit in the attic.

I found more fun stuff from 50 years ago from my school life.

My homework Autumn 1971 – you might recognize some ???

The seasons 1971

As you can see I couldn’t draw well, so for some of the homework I asked my mum or my sister to draw for me. – Clearly July and August were done by my substitutes. 🙂

Tulip explained
Class Rules for 1971
  • Be punctual !
  • Line up in front of the School !
  • Go slowly and quietly up the stairs !
  • Behave quietly in the classroom !
  • Don’t talk during lessons !
  • Work hard and participate !
  • Be good and helpful !
  • At break – don’t run !
  • Put all rubbish in the bin !
  • Don’t throw away your sandwich (or whatever you ate at breaktime) !
  • After school go straight home !

It is lovely to go down memory lane

I quite enjoyed school and was a very quiet and obedient pupil.

Happy is the person 
who knows what to remember of the past, 
what to enjoy in the present, 
and what to plan for in the future.
Arnold H. Glasow 

Time to move on …..

a new year to come soon…….

new adventures to be had !

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

and a lovely 1st Advent!

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  1. You are very lucky to have these mementoes! I have nothing from those years. My oldest pieces relate to my early teenage years when innocence was gone!
    Happy beginning of Advent 🌹🙋‍♂️

    • Thanks Betty, you are sweet. Finding my dad’s , mum’s and my sister’s drawings, they were awesome. I was better crafting things with my hands rather than drawing. 🙂

  2. I’ts good to get out the box of memories occasionally. The only trouble is when I pack everything up again I seem to have twice as much stuff. It all won’t fit in. 😉

    Really like the circle of months. A good project at any age.

  3. Ein paar Erinnerungen an die Schulzeit habe ich auch noch und alle meine Schluzeugnisse. Auch bei mir sind es eigentlich nur schöne Erinnerungen.

    • Ich habe meine Zeugnisse auch noch, doch es sagt in allen ich sollte mehr mitarbeiten….. 🙂 ich war immer sehr sehr ruhig und schuechtern. Well, ich habe mich sehr geaendert. Ich habe sehr schoene Kindheitserinnerungen und ich bin sehr dankbar dafuer. ♥

      • Bei mir steht mal drin “Ute ist sehr fleißig und aufmerksam” -:) Ja, das haben wir gemeinsam, liebe Ute,, wir haben wirklich schöne Kindheitserinnerungen und dafür müssen wir dankbar sein.

    • That is great to know, it is good to have others to help. I was not very good in Art either, but hey I was good in Latin instead later. 🙂 I have very nice memories of my childhood. ♥

    • Haha, I stilll don’t really like it, my sister and mum were definitley better. 🙂 As it turns out my dad too, as we found drawings from him as well. Thanks for your lovely comment Birgit!

  4. Oh, Granny remembers the same Hausaufgaben, Handwriting and school rules, Ute. She also has a tulip like that. It was only a few years earlier. She doesn’t have anything anymore from school, besides a poem for Mother’s Day and a Poezie album, but the memories are last furrever😸Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead to you and Thomas too🐾😽💞

    • That is very true, the memories are always there. And that is why we need to sort through the old stuff. You can’t keep everything. I still have my Poesie Album too. I need to read it through as well soon. Have a lovely week Binky! ♥

  5. Oh wow! I’m doing the same as you – sorting through things from the past, but for a different reason – we are moving to Kincardine in two weeks and still have so much packing to do! I will write a post about it after the move. It’s fun to find all the things I haven’t seen for years and I actually enjoy packing but I don’t like deadlines and that is causing some stress because we only have two more weeks before moving day!

    Thanks for sharing your memories, it’s fun to see and read things from your school days! 🙂


    • Kincardine is such a lovely place, I am sure you will love it there and make your home cosy and homely. It is amazing what you find when looking through old stuff. We are still sorting my mum’s house too. Hard work , funny and sad at the same time, bu tit has to be done. All the best with the move! ♥♥♥ Take it easy.

      • It is time consuming and like you said, funny and sad. I have some of my mom’s belongings: her Bible, record albums and sewing basket. These are little treasures that I want to keep. 🙂

        Thanks for your encouraging words! ❤️

  6. What an adorable post. You draw very nicely, Ute. We could all start to learn German from this post, though not how to pronounce the words. Your handwriting is gorgeous!

    • Well, it wasn’t too bad, I got my handwriting much nicer later and then again much later it deteriorted again, writing fast. 🙂 We used to write with fountain pens, I liked that, as you write more beautiful with a fountain pen. Thank you for your compliment Marsha. Learning German like that is ok , specially the months are not that difficult. 🙂

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