Music – my first attempts on the Double Bass


My first attempts with the Double Bass

First a short riff

then with a backing track I found on you tube. ( playing the first 12 bars only as it is repeating itself)

This is an amazing instrument.

The strings are thick and hard and the fingers need to press hard and at the right height to get the right tone out.

I am having such fun to try it and am very happy when I can play/improvise with a Blues Backing track.

I will always look at Double Bass players with great admiration.

Learn something new.
Try something different.
Convince yourself that you have no limits. 

Brian Tracy

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      • It is important you have fun, so trying is great. Like that you had a go and know if it is fun and if it is for you! πŸ™‚ You might expect too much of yourself. I do have great respect for all player who play instruments really well. Hard practice and discipline is the key!

      • That is the truth. Though I have a passion and desire to play….and I did give it a very good go, I would constantly have words and doodles running through my mind. Which is ‘the’ passion. But I did enjoy it. Who knows what my next attempts will be!

      • Everyone has different passions and I do love your amazing words with the doodles, I could not do them. Enjoy them and do more! πŸ™‚ β™₯

  1. WOW!! Fantastic! My husband liked listening too! Too bad you can’t bring it when you come to visit, he plays the drums and you could jam together! 🎡🎡🎡🎡


  2. Awesome, Ute!
    It’s so wonderful that you are learning how to play this instrument, now.

    Never had the chance to lay hands on a double bass. Only attempted to learn a bit of guitar playing, once – but despite my beautiful long fingers (as everyone kept telling me I had), I still could not bend the bones in them (which I felt I had to). 🀭

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