Kew Gardens 18th Smile – Wonderful Finds with a Friend


This time I went to Kew to find the Autumn colours.

My blogger friend Colleen loves to travel and loves Kew,

so I invited Colleen along to enjoy the Gardens.

She loved the yellow Ginko Tree,

behind is a golden Larch just starting to colour.

Along the bridge a variety of colours…….

hang on Colleen I need to catch up.

This is a very tall Monkey Puzzle Tree.

We looked at it closely.

It looked more like a column.

Amazing nature ♥

I couldn’t stop Colleen climbing this Bonsai Tree.

We needed a break and sat down for lunch and a chat.

Colleen brought enough for all in the rucksack, thank you.

On our way we found this beautiful Autumn tree

and rustled through the Autumn leaves.

Thank you Colleen, I’m so happy you could come.

We were having so much fun in Kew Gardens together!!!

I loved every minute of it!!!

Sharing is having more

The best way 
to multiply your happiness
is to share it with others.

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  1. Your post reminds me to get out to our Missouri Botanical Gardens or a park and enjoy those fall colors! Colleen really made this post fun! Enjoy your day!

  2. Ute!!!!! I had no idea I would wake up in the UK today and go to the Kew Gardens!!! How lucky am I? This is one of the BEST things about the internet. Getting to meet new friends and travel with them. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, and memorable, day. (I have to share if that’s okay!)

  3. These pictures are breathtaking, Ute, the colors make Autumn so beautiful🍁🍂
    I also stopped by for a special Birthday ♪♫♪Happy Birthday, dearest Thomas, Happy Birthday to you♪♫♪ Pawkisses for a Happy Birthday and some spooky ones for Helloween🐾😽👻

      • Liebe Ute,

        für die Schwarzwaldhochstraße hat man heute Schneeketten benötigt … Am liebsten wäre ich dort heute hochgefahren, aber das Homeoffice … 😦

        LG Bernhard

      • Wow, das ging nun schnell mit Schnee. Der Schwarzwald ist jedoch sehr schoen mit Schnee. Meine Freundin dort sendet mir super Bilder von ihrem Berg. Jedoch nicht so einfach zum Fahren.
        Alles Liebe Ute

  4. Thank you, Ute and Colleen, for sharing these beautiful impressions with us and for letting us walk with you for a while.

    By the way, I though of you, Ute, when I explored my annual online advent calendar (from Jacquie Lawson). This year’s theme is London and I found a poster of Kew Gardens in the scenery announcing that there will be a surprise on December 9th:

    (Couldn’t upload an image to this comment, so I posted it on Twitter and included the link.)

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