Kew Gardens 13th Smile


The Waterlily house is open again, hurray, of course with limited amount of people going in at a time.

Some close ups:

The Rose Garden was amazing, all roses blooming and giving their wonderful scent to us.

I found some beautiful coloured flowers, which I thought need a bit of ironing…only joking 🙂 The crumbly look made them even more special, they were rather delicate in both colours.

A special playful large scale bench waited for us to simply sit, relax and smell the planted circle of rock roses in the middle and enjoy nature.

New growth coming form every tree, and plant. I always love to see growth.

Every time I visit I find different plants, flowers and enjoy nature more than ever. It pushes happiness button every time and makes me grateful to live in such a wonderful world.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our head.

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  1. Oh, I love the waterlily house! Thank you Ute for this opportunity to reminisce about my many happy visits there over the years. 🌸💕

    • Liz, I love it too, every year it is a bit different and just so wonderful. Waterlilies itself are such beautiful flowers. I’m happy you enjoyed my walk here. ♥

    • The Waterlily house is a must really in Summer, it is closed in Winter as they rehouse and clean the whole house. Everyyear is is well worth it. So happy you enjoyed it!

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