Outing in nature – part three – Bateman’s House

We went along to Bateman's, which was Rudyard Kipling's house for 34 years and were he died in 1936. It is a 17th century house, beautiful with vast land around as Rudyard Kipling bought more land during his time there.

Rudyard Kipling's most famous fiction is the Jungle book.

Rudyard Kipling was the most famous author in England,and was earning £5,000 per year; the cost of Bateman's, £9,300, was thus entirely affordable. ( A secretary earned around £80 a year). 
He wrote many stories in this house, his American wife made sure he would not be disturbed uncessessay. 

Bateman’s built 1634
Outer beauty is what the eyes can see,
inner beauty can only be seen through the heart.
~ Cagla Bicer ~ 

His rather large blue Rolls Royce from the 1920’s was displayed in the garage. He loved that car. It was behind glass and the picture did not come out.

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    • There is history and it was really interesting what the guides said. I love places like that. He made the garden bigger and bigger, the peaceful ness of the garden gave him lots of inspiration.

  1. My Mom introduced me to her love of Kipling when I was a little kid. She told a story of when he was in New England and wanted to golf and ut had snowed so he used colored golf balls.

    • What a great idea, he was inventive. There is a picture of May and baby Jesus in his entertaining room which he got as a gift. It is rather an ugly painting, it really is 🙂 but he hung it up as it was a gift, so thought he needed to display it but he always sat with the back to it at the table so he didn’t have to look at it, the guide explained.

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