Blog-i-versary 9 years with WordPress


Today, 9th June, I am celebrating

9 years with you, my friends online.

This is me, 9 years old.

You have given me
a wonderful time,
and love.

I am grateful and I value everyone of you deeply.

Thank you for being with me for all this time and

Cheers to many more !

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  1. Allles Gute zum Bloggeburtstag, liebe Ute. Ich wünsche dir, dass du noch viele Jahre in guter Gesundheit und so poisitiv wie jetzt bloggen kannst.

    • Vielen Dank Ute, das hoffe ich ebenfalls! Endlich ist es ja waermer geworden, mit Sonne sieht alles viel schoener aus. Hoffe in Laichingen ebenfalls! Alles Liebe xx

  2. That smile and glow emitting from you on the photo … just the kind of person I would have befriended at that age; and just the kind of person I see behind all those beautiful blog posts of yours. Everything else I have to say is stated in the wee e-card I’ll attach via link (remember to scroll down in the text part – there’s a little red “Schieber” on the right side of the text for that):

    • Oh Steffi, what wonderful words, a huge thank you for your beautiful comment. I think we would have got on very well at that tender age of 9. My mum always said I am her sunshine, I think that came well over to me! Oh and I love that Teddy Picnic card so much, with the writing, ( saw it all). You are a total Sweetheart and I am so happy to have met you and be your Blogger friend. Sending so much love over to you! ♥ You made my day !

  3. Congratulations for 9 years of blogging! I love this photo of when you were 9, so sweet and pretty!! You have the same beautiful smile! 🙂


    • Dear Carmen, thank you very much, I remember that picture and hte skirt was from my sister. I got many clothes from my sister when she grew out of them, but I didn’t mind.
      My mum always said to me I was her sunshine, and that is wonderful to hear as a child. I smiled since. 🙂

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