Never give up – like Nature


I was walking through a forest with trees fallen down.

Yet still more growth comes through the trunk which lies on the forest ground.

It reminded me that

Nature never gives up.

new beginnings

Every day is a new beginning.

Take a deep breath, smile

and start again.

If you don't give up on something
you truly believe in,
you will find a way.
Roy T. Bennett
You should never give up.
No matter how hard the situation is,
always believe that
something beautiful is going
to happen.

If you are in a situation like that at the moment,

please know that you are not alone and you are precious and loved.

My best wishes for you

and may the rise for you soon again.

♥♥♥ Sending hugs and comfort to you ♥♥♥

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  1. What wonderful inspiration to grace my inbox this morning, thank you Ute! I always marvel at the plants one sees tenaciously defying tarmac or stone walls. We humans have the illusion of being in control of the world, but Nature has other ideas. Wishing you a glorious Thursday xxx

    • Thank you Liz, yes even such little plants can make it through wals etc as you say, it is incredible and wonderful. We can get a lot of inspiration from nature. Enjoy your Thursday xxx

  2. Some of the wildfires out in the US west, horrible as they are, are necessary for the regrowth of some trees and the opening of their seeds.

  3. Thank you, dear Ute, for this beautiful encouragement.
    I needed to hear that, today.

    The new growth on that tree reminds me of fallen birch-trees I have seen in a “Bruchwald”, long ago. That was a time, when I needed to remember this message, as well.

    Also, I see that you have played around some more with the Block Editor – Quotes and Images, right?

    Much love and many hugs,

    • Hi Steffi, glad it helped you today, I love it whennature reminds me, I need it myself too.
      Yes, I did play around with the Block editor and really like it, I need more practice and it is rather fun. I used the Verse block too.
      Many hugs Steffi ♥♥

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