Changes again


It really has changed now.

Even the Classic editor looks different.

I will have to learn now how to do the posts in the new Block editor.

But before I do this 

I need to gather myself and get into the right spirit…..

Here I go….

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  1. Oh dear! It’s ages since I wrote a post and I was just starting to think I might get going again. I was already struggling with the new editor so am dismayed to hear there are more changes with the interface sigh. 😩 Oh well, back to my happy knitting place….! I hope you and your family are all doing ok Ute. Sending love and hugs xxx

    • Lovely to hear form you Liz, we are all well here and hope you and your family too. It is harder to find things on the editor. As I am retiring in a month I have all the time to learn the new editor. That is one project for me. 🙂 Keep knitting Liz and take good care. Sendign back much love nad hugs! ♥

  2. I hope the peas are coming and help you to roll along, there, dear Ute!!!

    Yesterday morning, everything still looked normal on my end. Later that day, when I sat down to work on my next blog post and had a nice flow of inspiration going, it had changed for good. 😱

    When I choose the new “classic” option, I can get along with everything. Some things I even find easier. Others I find disorienting – not because I have to find out about new functions but just because it’s not “intuitiv” for me (for others it probably is, but people are different).

    Fortunately I found all my favourite options, so far. Except, I have not found the option to create a short link, anymore. I am missing that. Also, I cannot size my images as precisely as I prefer, but that is “high end moaning” (Nörgeln auf hohem Niveau).

    Much Love and Gutes Gelingen for working with the new editor (that really is not so new anymore, but for us it is)! 💗

    • Steffi, I will just have to learn and find things. Once I use it for a while I will get used to it. I am sure, practice and remembering where what is. Sometimes I am not sure what it is called what I am looking for… so it is tricky. Well let me get my peas….. I’ll be fine surely. I am looking for a tutorial and learn from there, I was just clingin on my classic one. Happy weekend!

  3. I have been struggling since the new look began. My words aren’t placed in the right way. The cursor jumps all over the page. To do one page takes twice as long because of the constant edits. I hope it works itself out

  4. I’m still using Classic Editor. I tried the new Block Editor and I don’t like it. I found a way to continue to use Classic but it too hard to explain, would need to show you.


  5. Liebe Ute,

    deswegen bin ich dann konsequent auf den Gutenbergeditor umgestiegen. Hat ein wenig gebraucht bis ich mich daran gewöhnt habe, aber nun kann ich meine Beiträge schneller erstellen 🙂

    LG Bernhard

      • Lee, THIS IS IT ♥♥♥ …YAY…… that made the difference, so for now I can again use the old editor. Phew. I will still eventually learn it though, but in my own time at my own pace. Thank you, thank you so much! You are a star! ♥

    • Hi Lee, thank you for that, that is how I did it last week. Now I don’t even get that view anymore when I look at all posts. It is straight in the Block editor. I will just have to learn it. One day thay really switch that classic editor off. Thank you very much Lee

      • You’re welcome. I decided to get off my duff and try to learn this “Block Head” editor. I may have to teach blogging again in the future. For new bloggers it probably is okay. I actually looked at this sight – – and tried following their instructions. It probably is easier, but when you have written one way for years….. 🙂 Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

      • Yes I will do the same, learn it! Thanks for that tutorial, i was looking for something like that. I am sure we can learn it. New challenge! 👍😊 Thanks for all your help in this. Xx

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