Let’s celebrate life ♥ Each Day ♥


Each day is precious

Each day gives a new start

Each day gives new opportunities

Each day is a gift

We easily forget in our daily routine that

Each day needs to be celebrated.

When you arise in the morning

think of what a privilige it is to be alive –

to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love!

Marcus Aurelius


Wishing you an amazingly awesome day! 


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  1. We get up around 3 AM in my house. Not really by choice …. just what happens. By 5 AM my husband has the TV blaring, but the noise puts him back to sleep. I could turn the TV off but know he would awake. I come to the computer …. of course.

    But back to your post. I love the quiet of the morning. (not quite quiet of course) No phone calls, no cars passing, no place to go, no cooking to do.
    One doesn’t have to be busy to “use one’s time” well. Celebration of Life with good thoughts is in my routine in the quiet of the morning.

    It helps me deal with the other kind of thoughts that are bound to come the rest of the day. lol

    • This is rather early for me (3), but I totally understand what you mean. I love my quiet mornings too, the best time for good thoughts preparing for the day. I get up at 6am and love the quietness so much! Wishing you a wonderful day! ♥

  2. Each day…. I try to pay attention to the moments, the cup of tea, the face looking at me with love, the blessing of having home/comfort/job. I crave it…the celebration of being. Thank you Ute.

  3. You are so right, Ute.
    Each day is a gift.
    In times like these it seems easy to forget that.
    On the other hand, it is the best time to remember, too!
    Have a beautiful afternoon and stay safe!
    Sending hugs! (((💗)))

  4. I start the day thanking God for at least three things which is very easy. Health is always something I’m grateful for every single day!

    I thank God for you! ❤️

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