Best TV – Guest post


Hi all,

it is Thomas here.

I hope you are all well and are keeping healthy.

As it is rather cold out there.

I was more often in than out,

keeping myself warm with my new heated cat blanket.

I love love love it.

The best buy my mum has ever bought.

She gets purrs and love from me in return.

The other day we watched TV together

and there was a great nature programme on.

The birds were rather interesting, flying along.

I had to watch closely so they don’t fly out of the TV.

I so love our sessions together,

cuddles, strokes, belly rubs and pleanty of food.

I am a very happy, content and loved cat with little needs.

Humans can learn from that.




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  1. That’s wonderful, dear Thomas, that you have a new warming blanket and are watching Nature on TV with Ute, when you cannot go out. I can see why you enjoy those sessions together with belly rubs and purrs!

    Thank you for your advice on contentment. I believe you are right and am finding that it meets my experience, as well.

    Much Love to you and Ute – and please give her a hug from me! ♥♥♥

    • Dear Steffi, thank you so much, love all rubs and strokes. Glad I can also give some advice as a content cat. I will give your hug to my mum ♥ thank you ♥

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