Spring is in the Air


My dear friends,

thank you for all your prayers and good wishes

I am honoured to have such wonderful friends.

I feel much better and

I am back at work, taking it easy though.

Walking to work,

I see little daffodills trying to come through.

What a joy to see.

I can hear birds singing and chirping,

What a joy to hear.

I am very grateful to be able to experience the first signs of Spring.

Nature brings new life and is healing.

Enjoying these little beauties make me feel happy.

Do you have any signs of Spring where you live?


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  1. Wie schön, dass es dir wieder besser geht, liebe Ute Frühling ist bei uns auf der Alb noch lange nicht, aber das weißt du ja.

  2. We have temps in the teens and snow on the ground (which at least provides some insulation) so it is nice to see your signs of Spring !

  3. Hi Ute,
    i am so glad that you are feeling better enough to get back to work and to your routine,
    If there is a silver lining about getting sick is that we become even more grateful of our health and all the beauty around us.
    I hope you are having a blessed weekend! ♥♥

  4. We have a lot of snow around here. The last two hours I had been outside for shoveling snow. It is wonderful, but very cold. Nevertheless I hope spring will come soon.

    • Spring is lovely , longer days, more colours again, trees are sprouting, I am watching the trees as it makes me really happy to see the first little buds there. Take care of yourself Astrid ♥

  5. So good to see that you are enjoying life, dear Ute!
    Those seemingly little things are the big ones, really.
    Continue to take it easy and take in as much beauty and healing as you can. 💖

    Signs of Spring:
    Here, it started to snow, today, and they predicted really low temperatures for the second part of the week. While I watched the snowflakes falling silently to the ground, I did hear some birds singing a spring song, today. Also, I happen to know that there is a little green sprout growing under the snow cover inside one of the flower pots on the balcony. 🌱

  6. No sign of Spring here! In fact, we are in a deep freeze, it was minus 9 today. We won’t see Spring for two more months. 😦 Mid April is when the weather will start to warm up.

    So glad you are well again!

    • Minus 9 is ok, my sister had minus 19 in Bavaria, and my hometown it was minus 16. i think this is the hardest Winter ever in Germany, I don’t record such cold temperatures when I was young. I do remember minus 18 in Switzerland when I was cross country skiing with my dad. I loved that, it was unique, something I never forget.

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