Staying positive


Being positive is what I am,

unfortunately the virus thought the same.

I tested positive for the virus after I fell ill starting with a massive headache.

Fever came second and then I started the cough.

Even though I had been extremely careful, never went out, had all shopping on line delivered, only walked to work and back, wearing masks, washing hands, keeping my distance always.

Still I got it, it seems to be so easy to get infected.


My isolation period is over now and I am feeling better.

I am lucky and I am super grateful that I could stay home and deal with all symptoms myself and concentrate on getting better.

Tiredness/ feeling exhausted and losing the sense of taste and concentration is what is left.

It does zap the life out of you and it will take time to get back to normal.

I can’t concentrate on a good book, but rather sleep. I sleep more than ever.


Eating is a chore as everything tastes rubbish.

Even chocolate isn’t appealing.

I am a fighter and I will conquer this too!

– for the sake of chocolate 🙂



The NHS has been amazing I can only give them praise.

I ordered the test online, it was delivered the next day , done and posted back.

The result came via email the day after.

The NHS sent me texts with clear instructions of isolation dates continuously.

They kept phoning throughout my isolation period to check how I am doing and to give advice on questions I have.


Thank you NHS for helping me through this difficult period.

I urge everyone to be extremely careful.

Wash hands, stay away from people and stay safe.

Keep the virtual love and hugs going – 

they are more needed than ever.



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  1. Oh, so sorry you got the virus, or did the virus get you? 😨 Sounds like the NHS are doing a brilliant job though. Wishing you well, dear Ute. Feel better soon even if it’s only for the sake of the chocolate. 🤗

    • More like the virus got me ….. I did try to escape. I do want to enjoy chocolate again nad a good cup of tea. T the moment that is no joy. Thank you for your well wishes. ♥

  2. Sending you lots of love, positivity, and hugs for a speedy recovery. Almost all my siblings (I have a lot) and their families have had the virus around me, with varying degrees of how sick everyone got. They ran the gamut in severity. Some were asymptotic, most had mild symptoms, but a couple had the classic symptoms as you describe. I feel so fortunate that no one had to be hospitalized and they all recovered. So far, my family has been spared.

    • Yes, I am so greatful that I was not hospitalised and could deal with all at home nad really sleep, sleep, sleep. Yes it seems everyone gets it different and we can pray that your family will be spared. Do be careful out there! Thank you for your wonderful wishes!

  3. Oh je, da kann ich nicht “gefällt mir” anklicken. Liebe Ute, ich wünsche dir recht gute Besserung und ganz schnelle vollständige Genesung.

  4. Oh Ute! I am so sorry! (Just an idea….I have seen an old remedy that has been brought to light by the pandemic, take an orange and burn it over an open flame. All the way around until it is a black ball. cut out the hot orange inside, put it in a cup/bowl and add brown sugar. It seems to have helped many people regain their sense of taste. if you try it let me know. I apologize I cannot think of the culture this comes from but if I lost my sense of taste I would try it!!)

  5. Feel better first, thank ya for the update and stay positive it makes you feel strong 💪! I have now learned how the virus 🦠 operates. I had not been educated!🙏♒️🐕💯👍🏾😎🙌

  6. Liebe Ute, ich freue mich das du es gut überstanden hast und nicht noch ins Krankenhaus musstest.
    Dass dir der Test zugeschickt wurde, ist ja super.
    Waren auch schon vierzehn Tage in Quarantäne.
    Wünsche dir gute Besserung.
    Liebe Grüße Heike

  7. So glad to hear you are on the mend Ute! Praying for a full recovery! Sending a BIG hug! Sounds like a bad flu I had six years ago, it took me two weeks to recover. Lots of sleep helped me, I hardly got out of bed.

    Blessings of health!

  8. Oh no!
    I’m so sorry, this happend, Ute.
    Good that you were able to take care of yourself and to concentrate on your healing.
    Hopefully your sense of taste and smells has returned, by now.
    Please continue to be good to yourself and take the time that you need to fully recover.
    I am only catching up, now, but you often are in my thoughts.
    Big virtual hugs to you!

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