First News flash in the new year


As it happened….

I switched on my computer on 1st day of the new year and nothing happened.

After a little investigation, you know if it is actually plugged in 🙂 and a call to my son,

it appears my computer is not working, kaput, dead, toast, non functional, gone to pieces, broken……

I think you get the picture.


During this time a computer is rather vital to keep in touch.

With the help of my son, I ordered a new one.

I am using right now my laptop, which I find a lot harder to use than my beloved desktop, specially with the cat on my lap. 🙂

A laptop is less versatile than the desktop.

I might be a little stressed but I am grateful

that I do have a laptop,

that I have help with technology (my son)

that we could still do our family quiz via zoom on the laptop.

that he could recover my files on the drive,

that I can learn from this, and not save stuff on my desktop…..

and that it can be solved, with just minor inconvenience really.


So really nothing to be stressed about.


So I am all relaxed again

looking forward to my new computer

and keep smiling.


Hope your new year started well and you are relaxed and happy!



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  1. Laptop habe ich zwar nicht mehr, aber zum Ausweichen wenigstens ein Tablet. Ja, Frau muss gewappnet sein. Auch ich bin natürlich am Liebsten am “großen” computer. Leider kenne ich diese Probleme auch und wünsche dir, dass der Neue schnell kommt.

  2. hi – hope you are able to recover what was on the computer and it is good to have back up laptop –
    also, your story reminded me of a man who shared this his mother’s computer only worked during the night.
    what? only at night?
    Well it turned out that she had it connected to the light switch and when it was up = that socket was on – and when down – it was off – so they found a new outlet and her computer works day and night now – hahah

    (and by the way – did you try to the socket for your computer? – kidding))

    • Haha, love that story…. Yes I tried the obvious, my son tells me what to check and done his diagnose…. I need to tell him this story though, he’ll like it…. You made me laugh…. Thanks

      • Glad to make you laugh – and best wishes as you get the tech situated – I had a tough time in April when everything and t virtual and finally found my groove by summer

      • I find technology goes too fast and i have trouble to keep up. I am glad I am not a school child any more with all this remote learning…… but then I probably would have grown up with it…..Well I am happy where I am in life.

    • Thank you Cindy, happy healthy new year to you as well. Luckily my son with all his gadgets could recover it and so I am super grateful and so relieved. Hope you get your wonderful pictures back. You can’t lose them…. ❤️

    • Binky we will make it a really good one. Yes glad we have some IT skills in the family, they are so needed at times like this. Happy new year my lovely Binky. 🎉

  3. Not the best way to start the new year. But a new computer is always good. All that speed and stuff and quick boot.

    I hope you had a good New Year Ute, and thank you so much for the card. It was beautiful.

    • Indeed they are, even when they moved out , they are always helpful and they are always loved to bits, whatever they do. ( Even more when they come to the rescue, hehe)

  4. I don’t like laptops either but both my kids prefer them. They don’t even own or want desktops and I don’t own a laptop. We also, have our preferences. 😊
    I’m so glad you got your computer situation figured out. What a crazy way to start the year, but theirs always something to be grateful for. So glad your son could help.

    • Exactly, I am very lucky. I think the younger ones are fine with laptops and the people who did not grow up with computers prefer desk tops. I was about 24 ish when Computers came into the workplace.

  5. That can be frustrating! We have certainly grown accustomed to the Internet. I work with a MacBook laptop and find it so handy. I’m fortunate to have a son who is an IT employee, he helps me with any computer problems. I’m sure you are thankful to have your son help you order anew one! 🙂


  6. oh that is terrible! The same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. My laptop won’t turn on and there is nothing I can do. Live and learn, so now I am savings files more often and writing down passwords.
    Good luck with the new computer! Blessings! ♥♥

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