My Christmas cactus


Last year in December I bought a Christmas Cactus as a gift for someone.

Before I could give it, all buds fell off so I kept it.

Over Spring Summer and Autumn I left it outside in the garden.

In September I noticed that it is forming many buds.

When it got colder in November I took it in.

Watching it every day with joy the buds got bigger.

Today is a very happy day!

They are opening:



What wonderful display, a beautiful red!

I am so overjoyed.


Flowers do make the world laugh!

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  1. I have a few items that I bought as gifts and they ended becoming mine – and then I was grateful – lol – like a small jacket I bought for my stepdaughter and well – getting back to the joy of seeing this cactus flowe and explode with beauty was nice!

    • After blooming they need a break and I heard that when you take it in , don’t rotate it, but leave it as he was outdoors, North facing side needs to stay norths facing for example. Thanks Terry

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