Short Retreat


During this beautiful hot weather in Britain

I went for a short retreat

to Norfolk to Thetford Forest.

Our accommodation was very secluded, and really amazing.


So quiet and peaceful.

This is so recommendable, just relax and chill.

The Lynford Arboretum just next door,

perfect for our evening walks… trees everywhere.

We did lots of walking in the forest and at Lynford Waters.

At night. as there was no light pollution at all,

we even saw shooting Stars from the Perseid Meteor shower.

Even a short getaway is a great rest and energy giver.


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  1. That looks wonderful! So glad you have had a really good and restful time.
    Our daughter lives near there and we haven’t seen her for 8 months. Perhaps we could stay at that lovely place and visit with her and the family in the forest and her garden. We can’t stay at her house because of C19!

    • It really was, I totally loved it. The cottage was perfect and rather spacious within such great and peaceful surroundings. You should go for a short retreat, it works wonders. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    • Hi, nein Bernhard, er war schon immer English, vielleicht meinst du die andere Ute auf der Alb, Ihr blog ist in Deutsch. Ich lebe in London und habe den Blog in English begonnen. Alles Liebe Ute

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