In March, before the virus,

I bought a bucket of soil and cornflower seeds from the supermarket,

as I like to grow things.

I was watching it carefully,

watering it on hot days.

It was growing nicely until June where it started to bloom,

and I could find blue flowers on it.

… and not just blue but also pink came along, how beautiful!

I enjoyed those Cornflowers every step on their way

to the full bloom in very vibrant colours.

Thank you for making my garden more colourful!


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  1. I love cornflowers!
    Mine did not grow, this year. Therefore I had lots of flax in my pot. That’s pretty, too.
    Maybe the cornflower seeds will sprout next year, now that they’ve been inspired by yours!
    Much Love! 💙💗

  2. They’re so pretty! I love watching plants grow, nature is incredible. I’m also addicted to buying houseplants in supermarkets (they’re so cheap!) although they often die very quickly… which might explain why they’re so cheap 😦

    • Thank you Alphe, I know what you mean…and then you have some plants you buy cheap and they grow like crazy and you think what a bargain…. I had that too.

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