Hello July!


Welcome July !

The Motto for July is:

Begin each day with a thank you!

Our world has gone smaller,

with staying at home more,

less interactions with people physically,

less hugs,

smiles we can’t see through masks (only in the eyes).


Life is different.


However attitudes towards everything might have changed in a positive way.

Priorities might have changed.

I am more grateful than ever for little things around me.

Thank you for nature,

thank you for my health,

thank you for my friends,

thank you for food,

thank you for all the people who are working hard to make life sort of normal,

thank you for each new day,

thank you for the sun,

thank you for my garden,

thank you

thank you

thank you

for all these things and so many more I’m not writing down.

Have a gratitude attitude!


Wishing you a thankful July!



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  1. Stimmt genau, ein “Dankeschön” sollte man nie vergessen. Es gibt so vieles, wofür man dankbar sein kann.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful idea and post, dear Ute!

    Interestingly my topic for today is also gratitude and I have prepared a couple of posts in regard to that on the social networks. We are in sync!

    Thank you for everything, Ute!
    Much Love! 💗

    • Oh yes, you are one who definitely knows that, love your Thankful Thursday posts. I thank you for your friendship and all the smiles and enjoyment you give me! ♥

  3. Is it just me or has this year gone super fast so far? I know it’s a typical thing to say ‘I can’t believe it’s already [insert month here]’, but with the pandemic and all days blending into one, I have no idea where all those months have gone!

    • It is not just you, Alphe, this year has gone very fast so far for me too. However, I think the older I get the faster time flies… 🙂 hehe Enjoy July – Summer Time!

    • Thank you, I do like inspire people and I am a positive person, always seeing the good side of everything and people! Keep the sunshine with you Kally!

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