Updates from last week


We all have time at the moment

as we need to stay at home.

We are not stuck at home,

we are safe at home.

There are so many ideas what we can do.

Here is an update of what I enjoyed and have done:

completed 2 puzzles


fixed my fence and painted it

baked bread

exercised/ danced, meditated, read books

and rested in the sunshine.

What have you been up to lately?


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  1. Oh, that fence looks great, Ute, and the bread looks delicious!
    I bet it’s very nourishing after fixing up the fence and finishing those awesome puzzles.

    I agree, we are safe at home and needed here, and there is a lot of things that can be done while others, who are needed “out there” are doing their part.

    Some of the things I did so far:
    – wrote 3 poems
    – helped people to see the light at the end of the tunnel and stay connected
    – supported projects of great people whose financial support temporarily fell away through the crisis
    – connected with a group of people to sing and pray at a certain time of the day (each their own songs in their own homes, yet together)
    – planning for and enjoying delicious healthy foods
    – cleaning the balcony and planting some flowers
    – growing tomatoes from seed
    – enjoying the sun on the balcony
    – established my creative flow again
    – lots of healing from my apocalypse before the apocalypse

    I guess, some of us have been quite busy…! 🤭

  2. Purrfect list, Ute, I do yoga with Granny, meditate, following workshops with Granny, meditate, channeling with Granny, sleep, watching Granny cleaning and when she makes little boxes with very tiny little beads, meditate and blog, puzzle (on the internet)…work in the garden with Granny…meditate….we’ve never been so busy as now…MOL…That’s a lovely puzzle of Amsterdam, Ute, and that bread looks so delicious😺Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  3. That’s a beautiful fence! Well I have had busy days with work but I have redone my little garden, read and continue to, had a rebirth at WordPress, enrolled at online courses, tried to raise funds and hoping for happier days.

  4. You’re doing lots to keep yourself amused. I am catching up with writing and photography projects, exercising daily and keeping positive that this will end soon 🙂

  5. I love my home, I really enjoy being home. I’m never bored at home, always something to do. It’s my refuge, my place of rest and relaxation. The problem is money. I can’t work from home. My income is gone. I was working 5 days a week, but as a dance teacher, I am on contract and only get paid for the classes I teach. I have been told the Spring programs are all canceled till the end of June. Summer programs may also be canceled. This means I will be off work for many months with no guarentee of when I can work again.


    • Carmen, I know you love your home and it is beautiful there as I know from your pictures. Yes, I don’t have dancing until further notice either. It hits so many people and we have to be extremely careful and live on a very low budget. When things cool down people will be desperate to go out again, to go dancing again. Until then we need to stay safe. Thinking of you , my dear Carmen.

  6. You’re so right, Ute. We aren’t stuck at home, just safe. There are so many things we can do to occupy our time. I never get bored. We all have different ways of amusing ourselves. My main ones are piano and reading. I also prefer eating at home, so don’t miss going to restaurants. The most important thing is to live to tell the tale. 😃 Your bread looks delish.

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