My little adventure


Last week, I flew to Germany to see my sister.

It turned out to be an adventure.

Arriving at the Airport on Sunday morning,

staff checked manually the boarding passes.

Being early as my flight was at 14.35, I walked around, had a coffee and read my book.

Getting closer to the boarding time the board still said – please wait-

I saw other staff walking around shouting the gate number of their flight.

Mine wasn’t one of them.

I received messages from my airline via email that the flight will be delayed.

New departure: 15.00 no 15.35 no 16.00 no 16.35 no 17.50 no 18.01……

The boards went totally blank by then.

Queuing at the service desk for my Airline took long time.

All people in the queue were chatting and trying to help each other,

It was quite a sweet atmosphere.

Everyone tried to make the best of it.

By the time I got to the front of the queue the man said that my flight had just left.

More than just me were disappointed as we did not know which gate it had departed.

Well, I have been booked onto a flight in the morning, which I took straight away.

Luckily walking half way round the world as it seemed

in this big airport I finally found my luggage again standing lonely on its own.

Then I found the counter to get a hotel voucher with dinner.

By the time I was at the hotel it was 9pm and I was exhausted.

Ready to fall into the lovely warm bed.

The reason for all this was that Heathrow had IT failure/ technical issues.

Many people were stranded. Link to the story here


The really funny thing is that on my way back home to London,

I encountered more IT problems.

This time in the plane so we could not start.

We had to get off the plane again back into the gate and wait for a spare plane to take us to London.


Back home I am overjoyed to see my beautiful daffodils greeting me at the entrance.

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  1. Airports and air travel require a lot of patience. 🙂 Hope you had a good visit with your sister despite all the delays. And how wonderful to be welcomed home by those sunny daffodils.

    • That was the best, being greeted by my lovely daffodils. I am a very patient person and I had a really good book with me. I love reading at the airport. My sister was happy to see me in the end too! 🙂

    • You have to take it in your stride really, there is noting you can do but wait and hope it all works out, which it did. I thought it was quite funny really… 🙂 With a good book I don’t mind any waiting. 🙂

    • Es war schoen mit ihr, ja danke. Ich fliege gerne und zum Glueck hatte ich keine deadline… und meine Schwester war flexible und hat mich abgeholt. Liebe Gruesse an Dich Trina

  2. Thank goodness for your daffodils !
    And that you went to Europe LAST week, so you wren’t being screened for the coronavirus !
    Stay safe and enjoy your signs of Spring !

    • Exactly, my lovely daffodils. I did go to Germany, which was ok. However security was very tight I found – My apple had to go through security twice as they suspected it was something else. 🙂 Healthwise no problem, many people wore masks though.
      I do love my Spring flowers. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. Not the fun kind of adventures! We had an “adventure” returning from Seattle. Due to a freak snowstorm, our plane was delayed and took off late, therefore missing our connecting flight in Minneapolis with the next flight not leaving till the next evening. We had to sleep on the floor at the airport, they did not provide accomodation because they said the weather was not their fault. At least your little adventure included a nice, warm bed! 🙂


    • That is what I said, I am very grateful that I was offered that. I was already seeing me sleeping in the airport, I wouldn’t have minded, but a hotel room was far better. And i got a dinner and Breakfast too, Like a mini holiday. I’m not complaining! 🙂

  4. You handled it much more with grace than i would have. I am a natural worry wart. I am glad that you were able to see your sister and really glad you made it back home safe

    • You know, when it is out of your control, you just have to follow the flow and make the best of it. It worked ok with the hotel. We missed a day my sister and me , but we made it up in Quality time.

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