Remembering Christmas


My Christmas Memories

When I was a child in Germany

we celebrated Christmas in the evening 24th December.

Dad would get a real tree in the morning and we were allowed to help

decorating it with our handmade decorations

like paperchains, straw stars and lanterns etc.

We made candle holders out of walnut shells.

Then we were sent out the room for a while.

We had to listen for a little bell.

Once we heard the bell we went into the room with anticipation.

The tree was lit (with real candles) presents under or next to the tree.

We did not open presents then.

Mum sat at the piano and played Christmas carols, we sang to it.

Then us children played Christmas carols on the recorder with my mum.

It was a wonderful happy, warm and peaceful feeling.

Then a record was put on with the Christmas story and a choir singing carols,

only then we started to open presents.

Everyone was happy, Dad watching the tree carefully with the candles.

We loved to blow them all out.

After all this Mum served a lovely small dinner with filled Vol-au vents,

and home baked Christmas cookies.

We spent a happy family evening together.

Always a magical Christmas for us, a special time,

and I remember it fondly filled with so much love.


Christmas tree 1969

Christmas Tree 1983

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    • Yes 3 empty walnut shells upside down like a star together and the 4th one on top of the 3 with the empty shell so you can put the candle in. Just all glued together and after that we sprayed it golden. Rather simple but nice. Probably I should do some again. Wishing you a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. ♥

  1. So schöne Erinnerungen habe ich auch, liebe Ute. Geschenke aufmachen durfte ich dann, wenn auf dem Plattenspieler der Song “Der Engel verkündt Christs Geburt” gespielt wurde. Die Melodie habe ich nie mehr gehört, aber ich habe sie immer noch teilweise im Ohr.

  2. Treasure the memories! We immigrated to Canada when I was 5 but we continued the German tradition of celebrating on Christmas Eve. Electric lights were used instead of candles and we set up the tree a few weeks before Christmas. We sang German songs and also English carols. It was always a peaceful, happy time. 🎄

    Enjoy the Christmas holidays!

  3. Liebe Ute, bei uns war es so ähnlich. Mein Vater spielte immer gern Mundharmonika zur Weihnachtszeit. Der Weihnachtsmann klopfte ganz laut an die Tür. Und legte unsere Geschenke unter den Weihnachtsbaum. Am 24. Dezember gab es immer und das ist bei uns auch so, Kartoffelsalat. Ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Liebe Grüße Heike

  4. Thank you, Ute for these lovely Christmas memories. When looking at your Christmas trees, I find it similar with those we had in my childhood. We were poor and could not buy decorations for Christmas trees, which mean that my mother made them, except the Christmas Star on the top of the Christmas tree. Years and decades passed and the Christmas Star decorated our Christmas tree. One day it became “old” and we had to throw away. Sigh!

    Our Christmas three in 2008:

    Christmas tree is in our library 2008

    All the best for Next Christmas!

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