Best Cat Nap Places


Dear wonderful Reader,

Thomas here,

in between my naps a quick post.

I found new places for excellent cat naps.

First, a wonderful basket, I jumped in as soon it was empty.

Second , my mum’s drawer on her Computer desk.

I thought I better look up for a proper picture.

otherwise I just relax on the bin, the sun makes it warm.

All three really comfy places.

Try them out in your house, dear fellow feline friends.

Psst… don’t tell your owner you got the tips from me.

Have a purrfect nap on your favourite place. 

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  1. This is Callie Thomas — Love your basket! My favorite napping place in on the nice soft pillow in mom’s comfy chair. She hasn’t learned yet that it’s not polite to wake me up just because she wants to sit down. People!

  2. Thomas certainly finds some interesting places. The basket looks cozy so he can curl up. I can imagine the bin warms up nicely, but I must say, the drawer looks uncomfortable. I guess he just wants to be close to you!


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