Before and after


A very long time ago,

probably 40 years ago, I received a plant from my friend.

We called it Waxplant – Hoya

Since then it has grown very slowly but steady.

Every year it blooms.

For the first time I actually saw how the buds open.

Fascinating the way they open up.

This time I captured it on camera.

Before :


The flowers are highly scented specially in the evening.


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    • Considering how old it is and it does not need much care, it is an amazing plant blooming every year! I am glad I did take a picture this time, Carmen ♥

    • Sally, it is an indoor plant, it is on the window sill in a South facing room ( in Germany). I just need to take it out at night when I sleep there as it really gives a headache with its sweet smell at night. It is a slow growing plant, having had it for so many years it is still only 40 cm high. It does bloom every year and needs very little care. I think it is happy everywhere, not only a conservatory.

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