Today is …. #23


…a day to surprise myself.

I surprise myself and the world around me.

I do something no one expects me to do.

for example

I go dancing

I greet strangers with hello and a smile,

I put colourful clothes on which don’t really fit together.

I might be really quiet today as I am usually loud, or vice versa

It feels liberating to do something different for one day,

to get out of the ordinary.








What did you do different today?

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  1. Teehee…..I did something today which I haven’t ever done before….I forgot my credit card at the shop. What a surprise it was when they rang to tell me what I had left behind.

  2. I told my husband he needs to get out of his comfort zone, so he moved from his recliner to the sofa. 🙂 That was his joke while we were reading your post together! Hahaha!!


    • Haha, glad he did do this big step and did something outside his comfort zone. I believe that the sofa is the other comfort zone….. 🙂 The in between bit is harsh though…. Greeting to your husband and well done!

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