Today is …. #22


….. a day to do something ordinary but make it joyful


Many things in daily life are normal, and habit,

but with more attention they can turn into a little joy.

For example:

Put a fresh T-Shirt on – Smell and feel the freshness,

When you dry your hair – feel the warm air,

Wash your face – enjoy the water splashing on your skin.




Simple things can bring joy.


HaVe a VeRy JoYfuL DaY! 



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    • Oh yes, they are so lovely! Just hopped over to Germany and the lilacs are already gone. I found some posies ( Pfingst Rosen) instead. They smell wonderful too!

      • I do miss her so much, every holiday I went to see my mum, and now the house is so empty. There is lots to do though, it will take time. Now I always do a bit of sightseeing in my own town and surrounding, as it is so beautiful!

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