Another Year – 7th Blogiversary


My blog is 7 years old and I am sort of archiving my old posts

onto another wordpress site as I don’t really want to lose any.

(not sure though if that is really necessary)

I just cut and paste so I don’t need space for pictures on that.


Looking through old posts and bloggers who followed is nice but also makes me sad.

Some have gone to heaven, may they rest in peace, they are not forgotten.

Some have just stopped blogging for an unknown reason,

some closed their blog, it does not even exist at all,

some made their blog private.


I enjoy blogging very much,

it makes me happy,

and if I can reach even one person who likes a bit of my posts,

I am happy.

I don’t always have time to read all blog posts I like .

I have made amazing friends all over the world, met some of you

and I will try to meet more of you personally.

To all my blogging friends




You don’t know how much you mean to me.

You have enriched my world in those last 7 years,

you have made me laugh, cry, think.

I learnt from you, you inspired me, you supported me

and showed me what a wonderful world it is

with you in it.


There is so much love and kindness out there

and we need to spread it as much as possible.

People need love, hugs, appreciation, kindness, peace, praise,

understanding and self esteem.

Let’s keep it going.

I feel truly blessed with all of you around me.


Love you all!







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  1. A big thank you back to you dear Ute – your blog is a wonderful oasis of love and happiness. Congratulations on your blogversary and here’s to many more years ahead! 🥂🎉💝

    • Das freut mich sehr liebe Ute. Vielen Dank fuer Deine Freundschaft. Vielleicht koennen wir uns ja mal wieder treffen. Ich moechte meinem Partner die Laichinger Tiefenhoehle zeigen. Er liebt Hoehlen. Da bist du ja nicht weit weg. Alles Liebe ♥

    • Vielen Dank Jeanette, vielen Dank fuer deine Freunschaft. Ja ich spiele mit dem Gedanken auf Deiner Insel Urlaub zu machen….die Bilder sind immer so schoen! Eines Tages werden wir uns treffen! ♥

    • Thank you Mandy and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Specially making such great friends like yourself. I feel blessed to know you through blogging! Hugs Ute xx

  2. Peace, love and happiness to you on your 7th Blogiversary.
    I agree with you about the joys of blogging and making friends over the ether, also about the sadnesses when a fellow Blogger is no longer there for whatever reason.

  3. Happy Blogaversery Ute! So glad we met through the blogosphere! It’s a wonderful way to connect and share our thoughts, like penpals of the 21st Century! 🙂 I hope we meet in person someday!

    God bless you!

    • Carmen, that is right, like penpals, I remember that time….. I am so happy we are friends though blogging, I so look forward to meeting you in person and do a bit of shopping with you. 🙂 That’ll be super Carmen! ♥

  4. Pawkisses for a Happy 7th Blogiversary dear Ute. We’re so glad we found your bloggie with your uplifting posts so many years ago😺 Cheers for more years to come and 7 Extra Pawkisses for the occassion and for Thomas too🐾😽💞

    • Thank you so much Binky , to many more years together. We are happy too that we are such great blogging friends. It is wonderful you live in our computer! 🙂

  5. Such an impressive milestone! I wish I could be this consistent. Every time I get fully consumed by the blog (which is always lovely, the community is a dream!), life gets in the way. I’m yet to find the right balance.
    Looks like yours is top notch, congratulations!!! 🙂

    • Thank you Alphe, yes life is very busy, and I do take small breaks too. It gives me my time out/ relaxing break, when I prepare blog posts. i would have never thought though I will do it for that long, I just enjoy it so much and love my blogging community. They are the best!

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