Flowers on Traffic Islands


I have been memory making ……

In Bavaria, I found meadow flowers in roundabouts and on little traffic islands.

This is to attract more bees everywhere.

They are a mixed colourful variety,

Aren’t they just lovely.


Such a joy to see them everywhere!

More memories coming soon!

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  1. We call those Wild Flowers here. They come in blankets that you roll out on the ground. They grow wild like that in different colors and sizes. They are so pretty

  2. Whew !
    I am so pleased that you didn’t take these photographs over your handlebar and on the way down dear Ute. That wouldn’t be good ! 🙀🚲😲💓

  3. How lovely Ute! Such delicate and pretty flowers! Reminds me of my new jacket on my latest post! Flowers are so important for bees. “Bloom where you are planted.” Guess I should go back to Germany, that’s where I was “planted” 😉


    • Carmen, sometimes you need to go where you were planted, and you do visit Germany some times. So do I as you see. These wild and big variety is so lovely and I always liked meadows full of flowers. I loved the idea to bring it into the town. ♥

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