Simply Red


The way you start your day
can affect your whole day…
Begin it with a smile
calmness of mind
coolness of emotions
and a heart filled with gratitude.

Take time to smell the flowers
Take time to hug a tree
Take time to hear each bird sing
Take time to simply be.


We might miss some of the beauty on life 

if we don’t slow down

and pay attention to the little things around us.


Start your day with the beauty of red today!



Different shapes,

different shades,

all unique,

all beautiful!


Just like you!



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  1. Red is my favorite color (I even mention it on my “About Me” page right here on WordPress). It was great waking up to this post. I slept in a little late today because my body needed it. I decided to take advantage of the fact that I didn’t have any early morning obligations. I’m done with rushing through my mornings. Thank you for this post. Now off to the gym I go and I’m taking my own sweet time.

    • Taking time in the morning for yourself is a must, it starts the day much better and happier. Thank you for your lovely comment. So happy you enjoyed the red! Enjoy the rest of the day! ♥

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