My new bicycle


As I love riding a bicycle, I found a new one I really liked.

More like a Dutch style bicycle.

This is a big frame, big wheels and it is very comfortable, to get on too.

(more like the bike I had which was stolen 3 years ago.)

After that I bought a folding bike to keep at home.

Now I have a place in a bike hanger, close to my house, so I could get myself a bigger bike again.

The folding bike found a loving new home too.


Direct from the dealer I rode it home on the scenic route along the river.

It was a lovely day and perfect for a ride, just glorious.

It is called ‘cafe’ – I like that 🙂

I bought myself a basket for the front too for little shopping.

Now I can go to many more rides and enjoy the sunshine and outdoors.

Do you ride a bicycle ? and enjoy it ?

Enjoy the little beauties along the road, walking or cycling,

nature calls, go for it!

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  1. That is a beautiful color! I haven’t ridden a bike for years but I wish I would have. I probably can’t now because of balance. You enjoy that bike young lady!!!

  2. Beautiful! I believe that bicycles will become a preferred mode of transportation in Vancouver. We are building lots of bike lanes, which will create less road congestion. And our pollution will decrease! I LOVE bikes!!

    • That is what they did here. I used to cycle but it was sometimes suicidal. Now they introduced Mini Holland and more lanes and ways for cycles make it easier. I love it and cycle more now. I always loved cycling, so I am happy the council is helpful with this. Enjoy cycling!

    • It might be too dangerous in your city. It is here too but they added lots of cycle lanes and made it easier here in my area of London. I do like that so I am cycling more than before.

  3. That’s great that you’ve found somewhere secure to keep your lovely new bike dear Ute. Natascha is thrilled that we have enough room in our hall to keep her bike. Graz is a bike city as it is mainly flat and totally geared up for cycllng. Have fun on your new bike 🙂 ❤

  4. I haven’t ridden a bicycle in years. Oh wait, I did ride one in a few months ago when I was on a countryside getaway. It was an exhilarating feeling. ‘Cafe’ is a beauty. Would love to see a picture with the basket on it filled with goodies!

  5. That’s a very nice bicycle, Ute. The colour is pawsome and we have an idea how it tastes too if it was drinkable 😀 Granny is a biker. She prefurrs to bike instead of to drive…always! Her longest ride was from Rotterdam to Luxembourg, almost 370 km. It was amazing! Now she has a bike with accu, because we have a lot of hills over here and since her menopause, she doesn’t have as much strenghts to do it all by herself anymore. Pawkisses for a Happy bikingand one extra for Thomas 🙂 ❤

  6. Great new bike dear Ute! We could go riding together! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️
    I have a folding bike with 5 gears.

    Glad you have a safe place to keep it so it doesn’t get stolen!


  7. What a lovely bike! Love the color and style. I use my bicycle all the time to get anywhere if I’m by myself. It’s much faster and comfortable than public transport. Graz has bicycle lanes almost everywhere, so it’s pretty easy to get wherever you want. I have a old style bicycle, but it’s new.

    Yes shopping is also great with it! Doing it all the time. I keep my bike in our apartment, in the hallway, since where almost groundfloor. My previous bike got stolen as well years ago. It was a beautifully restored bicycle from the 60s. They stole it within not even 10 minutes while I was in the pharmacy. My bike was right outside, and stolen despite a lock. It’s awful that I don’t know one single person that didn’t have their bicycle stolen at least once in their life… Now I use 3 strong locks lol.

    It really is a happy feeling to ride a new bicycle home right from the dealer! Especially if you can ride along beautiful sceneries like you. Wishing you awesome and safe rides on your beautiful new bicycle!

    • Thank you Natascha, I love riding too and go shopping on it. Sad a bout stealing bikes, because of that I just bought another lock too. Just in case. I also love the lanes here and I am always happy riding the bike. Keep safe too Natascha!

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