Holiday Time


Finally August and for most it is holiday time.

For me it also means time do to things around the house.

Here an update:

My wooden kitchen worktop needed a little tender loving care.

So I started to sand it down.

Now nice and smooth, I can varnish it.

Another day I made bracelets. .

I love making jewellery, make presents or sell some at markets occasionally.

I made all these with different seed beads.


I have in my garden an ‘elephant ear’ plant, it grows amazingly big.



As you know I love my plants and flowers.

Therefore I became a ‘friend of Kew Gardens’.

Kew Gardens is a wonderful huge botanical garden offering unique landscapes and iconic architecture from every stage of the Garden’s history.

It has a collection of living plants which is the largest and most diverse in the world growing in the gardens and in glass houses.

It is in West London and I can go by train.

I can’t wait to go, out for a day lost in the gardens……

There will be updates on this with more pictures of the gardens.

Wishing all a wonderful Summer 2018!

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  1. Kew Gardens is the one thing I miss about living in London – we used to visit almost every weekend. Thank you for providing me with a ‘Kew-Fix’ – I look forward to lots more pictures! x

  2. Ute I love your garden! Your plants look so fresh, you’re doing such a fabulous job. I didn’t know you make jewellery, they’re lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a shame, I haven’t been to Kew Garden and I’ve lived in London for a 100 years! And I love flowers too… oh well, I will find my way there before this holiday is over…

  3. You are so handy Ute! And very creative! Love the elephant ear plant, looks so lush and tropical! I’m looking forward to more photos of the botanical gardens. ๐Ÿ™‚


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