No Plans Day


How about a

No Plans Day


Slow down and let spontaneity take over.

Do what you just feel like doing!

Go out with no plan


Years ago we went to Germany with our car.

In Germany we had a no plans day and drove out.

The children always told me at a junction which direction to go,

we didn’t know we ended up.

Like that I gave my children a sight seeing tour of the area where I grew up.

As I knew the area well, I could find our way home again.

It was great fun.

A drive out with no plan to go anywhere.


Have a no plans day and

enjoy every moment.


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  1. Thank you for this awesome post, dear Ute.
    No Plans Days are great fun!
    Much Love,

    (And thanks to a recent Update for my new browser it seems I can propperly interact with WordPress, again.)

    • It was indeed and the children in control, they loved it! Nowadays they help me navigate when I go somewhere unknown …. and when my son says left, I go right…. by accident and he has to find a route to get me out again…. hehe times change 🙂

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