Changes again…


Hi there , Thomas here.

I am updating you with news from our household.

Things are constantly changing here and it is hard to keep up with it.

One minute there is furniture,

next minute an empty room,

then suddenly more boxes and

then new furniture.

Of course I am the first to try it out.


It got my approval, although my mum has now filled it with stuff,

so I can’t jump up anymore.

I guess that is what it is for.

I found a nice space with my friends.

The room has changed and I still find cosy places, so I am happy!

Changes can be hard

then can work out beautifully!


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  1. Did you manage to climb to the top and rip open the bag of crisps Thomas ? That would be fun ! We had lots of change recently. We have been higher than you, on an aeroplane. Beat that ! Love Sonic and Samantha (and our new sister Murli) xxx ❤

    • Oh no , I didn’t see the crisps….. but then I don’t do such heights anymore….. being a senior 🙂 only to get in the garden I have to jump fences, but at home I pretend to be a senior, they are at my command then….. You know they have smart phones, so they have a smart cat too! Love to you purrrrrrrr

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